Our Team



Head Teacher
Mrs Karen Johnstone

Miss Wallace joined the team in January.

Primary 1 – Miss Ashley Wallace

Primary 2 – Mrs Rebecca Shannan

Primary 2/3 – Mrs Judith Marshall

Primary 3/4 – Miss Tracey Black

Primary 4 – Miss Kay Robertson

Primary 5 – Miss Sarah McLeod

Primary 6 – Miss Joanna Fisher

Primary 7 – Mrs Reid and Mrs O’Niell

Non Class Contact Teachers – Miss Clare Marshall, Mrs Jean Scott, Mrs Caroline Gibson and Mrs Emma Harley


Mrs Debbie Henderson

Mrs Pamela Sutherland
Mrs Judith Robertson

Mrs Allison Lever
Miss Sarah Taylor


Office Staff

Mrs Kathleen Edwards
Mrs Zoe Stott


Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Pat Glennie
Mrs Aileen Argo
Mrs Michelle Garden
Mrs Nicola Jones
Mrs Marion Reid
Miss Sandra Allan

Miss Amy Pham


The children love their weekly visit to Reading with Dogs.

School Janitor

Mr Ernie Gordon

Mr Richard Kripinski


Violin Teacher
Miss Sandra Thomson

Piano Teacher
Mr Blair Cargill

Woodwind Teacher
Mrs Sarah Gove


Support for Learning Staff
Mrs Susan Miller


Ollie & Sadie