Our Refreshed Vision


We recently refreshed our values in term 4 of session 2021/2022. Our whole school community was involved in the process and we are now embedding them into the life of the school.

The slides below evidence the discussions we had with children and parents about why these values were so important to our community.

The children were absolutely clear that Olly, our Mascot would stay with us, and that WE SHINE was very important to them too. So we will use Olly, and his family to inform our next steps and keep WE SHINE as our vision.

Term 1 of session 2022/2023 we begun to evidence our values throughout the life of school and our next steps are to design certificates so that we can celebrate those children who live our values in school.

Our refreshed values are:

WELCOMING                           DETERMINED                              EXPLORING                             RESPECTFUL